Who We Are

Eric Renner President

Eric Renner first became a member of Local 1439 as a courtesy clerk working for Safeway in 1985. He then moved to Albertsons in 1987 where he became a Grocery Clerk and Checker until coming to work for the Local in 2001. Prior to coming to work for the Local Eric was involved in promoting fairness in the workplace on a variety of levels as well as working toward his degree which he attained in 2002 from Eastern Washington University. He started at the Local as Representative Assistant, then Representative, Executive Assistant, Secretary-Treasurer and now President where his duties include; contract negotiations, Health & Welfare Trustee, Retirement Plan Trustee and all administrative aspects of the Local Union. Eric has had many years of on the job training as well as education to help our members secure a living wage, affordable healthcare insurance, pension benefits and dignity in the workplace. Coming from a Union family with strong Union values Eric understands the importance of the labor movement to which he has dedicated his career. 

  Email: Eric@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 208

Alex Garcia Secretary-Treasurer

Alex is your Union Representative for Spokane Albertsons and Safeway stores as well as Couerd'Alene and Hayden, Idaho. He has been a member of UFCW Local 1439 for 8 years upon moving to Spokane from San Diego and worked for Albertsons for 22 years before coming on staff. His cheerful spirit and passion for working people makes Alex a great Union representative in addition to his experience as an Executive Board member and Shop Steward. Alex also loves to golf and to spend time with his friends and family.  

Email: Alex@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 212 



Scott Habenicht Counsel 

Scott Habenicht originally grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an area rich with Union history and attended the University of Pittsburgh where he received a double major in Communications and Political Science.  Scott began working for Local 1439 as a Grievance Officer in May 2007 while attending the Gonzaga University School of Law. He has since graduated, earning his J.D. in May 2009, and began working as the Grievance Director for the Local. In September 2009, Scott was hired as the Local 1439’s in-house counsel and now handles grievances and arbitrations for the Union among other duties. 

  Email: Scott@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 216 

Vicky Allison Tri-Cities/Eastern Oregon Representative

Vicky Allison is your Union Representative for Tri-Cities, Walla Walla/Milton-Freewater, and Eastern Oregon areas. Vicky has been a member of UFCW 1439 since 1976.  Thirty five of those years were spent at Safeway Stores. Vicky is involved with the South Eastern Washington Central Labor Council and comes from a very strong Union family.

Email: Vicky@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 943-8923 




Peggy Vines Wenatchee Union Representative

Peggy Vines is your Union Representative for the upper Central Washington area. Peggy has been a member of Local 1439 since 1988. Fifteen of those years was at Top Foods Grocery in East Wenatchee. In 1999, Peggy became a Shop Steward and not long after that she was elected to our Executive Board. She is involved in the Wenatchee community as a board member of the Work Force Development Council and the Citizens Alliance of Wenatchee. She is one of the original members of the Wenatchee area Eastern Washington Center of Occupational Health and Education advisory committee.

Email: Peggy@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 662-6070 



 Carrie Brookshire Yakima Union Representative



   Email: Carrie@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 452-6920


Jeff Hofstader Spokane Area Union Representative 

Jeff joined Local 1439's staff as a Union Representative in 2015. He serves the membership for Spokane Fred Meyer and all members in the following areas: Lewiston/Clarkston, Pullman/Moscow, Cheney, Chewelah, Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry, Newport, Colville and Davenport. Jeff was a Meat Manager for Safeway for over 20 years and was orignally from the midwest before moving to Spokane in 1993. His experience as an Executive Board member and Shop Steward make Jeff a great addition to representing Local 1439 members. He enjoys local high school football, spending time with his grandchildren and is always trying to catch a bigger fish. 

Email: Jeff@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 203 



Pete Nunez  Washington Beef Union Representative 

Pedro (Pete) Nunez Jr.  is the Union Representative for Washington Beef, Inc.  He worked 12 years at Washington Beef, Inc. prior to joining UFCW Local 1439.  He currently serves on our Executive Board and has for many years.  He joined UFCW Local 1439 as Union Representative in 2010.

Email: Pete@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 944-6036 




William Gaither Spokane Area Union Representative 

William is your Union Representative for the Spokane Albertsons and Rosauers stores and the Safeway stores in Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, Chewelah, Colville and Davenport. He has been a member of UFCW 1439 since 2004. He was with Albertsons for 17 years as a Meat Manager and Meat Cutter. He has been a shop steward and an Executive Board member since 2006 giving him over ten years of experience building relationships and advocating for the members of the local union. He enjoys working on his classic truck and camping with family and friends.

Email: William@ufcw1439.org 
 (509) 328-6090 Ext. 203


Sandra Huggins Benefits Director  

Sandra Huggins has rejoined the staff at Local 1439 in May 2003 as the Benefits Director. She has been a member of UFCW Local 1439 since 1982. Sandra has worked as a medical claims processor for two third-party-administrators over the last 21 years. Her work history includes working with numerous Trust Funds in all aspects of health insurance. Sandra understands the frustration that workers are facing with the current health care situation.  Currently she is one of four Labor Trustees on our UFCW Trust.

Email: Sandra@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 204 



Dana King Bookkeeper/Office Lead

Dana King is our Bookkeeper and Office Lead.   Dana returned to our staff in April of 2002. She is responsible for the accounting procedures and bookkeeping for the Local. She also leads our membership service department.  Dana assists the new and current members with dues related issues and points them in the right direction with any work issues they may have.

Email: Dana@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 207 



Karen Gude Facility/Communications Manager 

Karen Gude began her union affiliation in the early 1980’s when she was an employee for Pay Less Drug Stores. Karen was involved in the Pay Less strike and was permanently replaced due to her union activity. Without the union wages and benefits she would have really struggled trying to make ends meet while attending Eastern Washington University. After graduating from EWU and a career in sales and marketing, Karen later became connected with Local 1439 in 1999 and now has served our members with workers’ comp issues, medical and pension questions membership services and now maintains the facilities and communications for Local 1439.  Since 2007 she is one of four labor stakeholders advising the Workers' Compensation Advisory Committee for the Department of Labor and Industries in Washington State.  Prior to 2007 to present she serves on the Regional Business and Labor Advisory Board Center of Occupational Health and Education (COHE). Her many years as a Union member and as an employee of UFCW 1439 have proven her strong commitment to both the labor movement and UFCW 1439.

  Email: Karen@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext.209 



Leslie Cowin Administrative Assistant 

Leslie Cowin works as our Administrative Assistant. Leslie goes above and beyond to make sure members and co-workers get the assistance they need and does so with a smile every day. Leslie loves spending time with her family. Also, she usually has candy.

Email: Leslie@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 205 



               Desirae Banka Membership Accounting 

                    Desirae Banka works in the front office in Membership Services and assists with accounting, including the set up of payroll deduction of dues for our members. 

                    Email: Desirae@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 201 



Rosa Mullenix Membership Assistance 

Email:  Rosa@ufcw1439.org 
(509) 328-6090 Ext. 200