YOUR Union

Our 6500+ members come from Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Northeastern Oregon. We represent workers in grocery stores, meatpacking houses, offices and pharmacies. You will find health care workers, golf pros and hairstylists among our membership. Formed during the Great Depression, we have bargained strong contracts that have given our members better wages, benefits, and working conditions for over 75 years. We set the standard so that all workers can get the recognition and compensation they deserve.

Why We Organize

Building the union in your community not only helps you and your family, but it also helps raise the standard of living for all people. More members means a stronger union, which means a solid position for workers to negotiate better wages, benefits and working conditions. That includes affordable health care, and a pension to help during retirement years.
Union workers are paid more than non-union workers and are more productive. More than 80 percent of union workers have health care coverage, and greater than 70 percent have pension plans.
When you decide you want a union in your workplace, you are protected by specific legal rights under the National Labor Relations Act. When union members talk to their friends and families about the benefits of joining a union, unions get stronger and the people get the power!

Over 1,000,000 Strong!

Local 1439 is chartered by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, which represents over one million members in the United States and Canada, making it one of the largest unions in North America.
The successes that have been achieved at Local 1439 came through years of hard work by the members who came before us. We will continue that hard work by providing excellent service for our members.