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Whether you want to form a union at your workplace or you want to start a career as a UFCW organizer, organizing is the most important way to raise the working and living standards of workers.

Union workers earn 30 percent more money than non-union workers, and 44 percent more when you include the total compensation of health and welfare benefits.

The union advantage is clear. Organizing more workers will strengthen our union and our contracts, and our communities with good jobs. United, we are a powerful voice for justice at work. Together, we can protect the good jobs that workers need to achieve the American dream.

You Are the Union: 

In the United Food and Commercial Workers, you are the union. You come together with your coworkers; you nominate and elect union officers; you determine the working conditions and concerns that will be bargained in a contract; you will be part of a larger movement to improve the lives of working men and women in the workplace and in their communities.

The more workers join together for the good of all, the more management listens to what they have to say. In Union there is strength. Without a union you have only a few rights such as minimum wage, overtime after 40 hours and unemployment insurance. With a union, you enjoy numerous other benefits guaranteed in a union contract, such as:

1.     Negotiated wages, health care and retirement plans

2.     Defined work schedules

3.     Grievance procedures

4.     Reasonable workload requirements

5.     Protection from unfair treatment and favoritism by the boss

6.     Job security and seniority rights

7.     And a voice on the job to bargain for other benefits

For more information on becoming a member, contact Rick Chase at or (509) 328-6090.

Become a UFCW Organizer: 

Are you ready to join the fight? Are you looking to be a part of something meaningful that is creating real change in our communities? The UFCW is a powerful voice for working men and women. We rely on organizers around the country to give workers a voice in the workplace.

The UFCW is one of the most progressive unions leading the fight to build worker power in our workplaces, communities and the political and legislative arenas to insure that workers and their families participate fully in the rewards of the economy they help sustain.

As an Organizer-in-Training, you will be trained to play an effective role in an organizing campaign by engaging workers to take action to win a voice in the workplace. You'll probe and start organizing programs, develop worker committees and conduct house calls to workers. You'll also learn how to engage non-union workers in campaigns with members, the community, political allies and other constituents as well as learn how to mentor and train new and less experience organizers. Be a part of the solution--become a UFCW organizer!


Organize Your Work Place:

The first step is to form a committee among the workers with representatives from each department and shift. The committee's job is to attend meetings and educate themselves about the union. Then they can educate their co-workers, and help dispel false information spread by management.

Next, the majority of the employees must sign cards stating they want to have a Union in their workplace. After a majority of workers have signed up, the Union can ask the employer to recognize the Union, or file a petition for an election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

When the Union files for an election, then the employees have a chance to vote for the Union in a secret ballot election conducted by the government. If the Union wins a majority of votes, and the employer does not challenge the vote on legal ground, then the Union can begin the process of negotiating a collective bargaining agreement (contract).

December 16, 2017
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